Following Good Advice

The explosion of advice being given to our connected population  is overwhelming. Advice on eating, exercising, making your baby poop better (admittedly haven’t come across such an advice column… yet) Everyone will self improve thanks to “hacking” better sex, learning a different language, and traveling the world for less than $5000.

As you do. We as human beings are instinctively linked to self-improvement… Our egos drive us to engage in activities that our “advisers” dictate which will make us happier, more appealing, less dull…
Thus we go looking for advice. To learn. To listen, understand, and comprehend so that may proceed with action.
The mirror reflects pink bodies of flesh and bone, until we initiate the action we choose to comprehend will serve not just you but your fellow human beings.

We all look to a  Jedi Master of a sort, to give us advice for our actions. People of the past and present, who reach out to our eager egos so we may go forth into the world, heads held high.

However, choose wisely your master you shall. For in a saturated world of advice in today’s widely interconnected world, there will be advice leading you to the dark side.

We cannot go out into the world alone. Since we first walked in the fertile crescent, human beings are community-driven species, depending on each other for tasks and sentimental companionship. Today, the world is “hot, flat and crowded” (Thomas Freidman) and more interconnected than any other point in history. We are now a community of the world and heeding the advice that will bring this world together is too important to ignore.



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